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Posted on Aug 19, 2013

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9-HB0307-3-kitchen_PBy Davina Richards

Not all homes are blessed with high ceilings which give a room a sense of  space, but there are solutions to help you to create the illusion of height without having to physically raise the ceiling.

Up and down

Vertical lines are often used on garments to help draw the eyes up. You can apply this to a room by using striped wallpaper or paint vertical stripes on walls to create the illusion of height. Simple and effective, it’s a style which works.

High and wide – just like how wearing flared, high waist trousers give the illusion of longer legs, hanging full length drapes from ceiling to floor will give the same illusion.


Any fashionista will know that wearing one shade of colour from shoes to hat will make you look taller. So as a general rule, designers incorporate this concept to make a room look open and airy by painting or wallpapering walls, ceilings and floors in one neutral colour.

Consider different textures and patterns to add interest and depth whilst still achieving what you set out to do.


In fashion, your outfit isn’t complete without accessories and the same goes for the room you’re decorating. Use accessories such as tall vases, ornaments, long mirrors or wall art to reinforce the sense of height.

Avoid hanging objects from the ceiling such as fans and pendant lights which cause the ceiling to appear lower.
Combine with low furniture so the space between furniture and the ceiling is enhanced.

Hang artwork higher up on the ceiling which is tall in length and has vertical lines or features.

Add mirrors to bounce natural and artificial light around the room to create the sense of larger space.

Fancy footwork

Women love to wear heels to make them look tall, so when it comes to flooring, contrast light coloured walls with dark floors to define boundaries, expand floor space, add interest and emphasise the height of the walls.

Fashion fail

Clutter is equal to a woman’s wardrobe malfunction. Too many things going on at once is a cocktail for disaster.

Avoid clutter to enhance and maintain the sense of space and height.

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