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Grand Designs

Major projects that are impressive in design, build and scale, notable for their setting or context, and befitting a city of ambition that is looking forward to a bright future.

New Homes

Insights into modern home design, building techniques and materials. From how architects bring ideas to life, blend function and form to create contemporary living spaces, all the way through to the finishing touches that make a new homes unique and ideally suited to today’s lifestyle.

Hot Homes

The popularity and appreciation of award-winning architecture has grown significantly in recent years and these stunning homes showcase architectural and building excellence.


Products, techniques and tactics that can add to any property, be it a classic restoration, an extension or new home build.


Sustainability has long moved from a trendy catch-cry to a vital component in modern building. This encompasses the design and materials used to exceed standard building code standards, delivering homes that deliver environmental performance and energy efficiency.

Rural & Lifestyle

Be it a large urban section or a larger piece of rural land, there’s a wide range of options available to anyone living on, or considering buying a rural or lifestyle property. It is important to weigh up your needs, wants, experience, long-term goals and financial commitments.

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The magazine for Christchurch, DYI Inspired, Creative, New Zealand, All, home owners

In today’s New Zealand, the demand for and appreciation of architectural excellence continues to gather steam.

Be it a showcase estate, standard family home, batch or mini-build in a dense urban setting, architectural and building excellence not only soothes the senses but in our diverse climate, impacts our quality of life.

But with so many things to consider and options to choose from – where do you begin when building, restoring or renovating your largest investment?

That place is here and it’s called Build & Renovate TODAY.

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Published quarterly, Build & Renovate TODAY...

has a targeted approach with its distribution directly aimed at the areas readers visit when
building a new home, and the places they visit when undertaking renovation or DIY projects.

The magazine for All, All Sucessfull, All Inspiring, All Leading, All New, All Forms Of, advertisers

Canterbury is now firmly entrenched in a building and renovation boom unprecedented in its history. It is an exciting time for both Christchurch and the province.

With this, the need arose for a publication that specifically reflects the opportunities and challenges faced by the building sector during this building boom period. It is here and called Build & Renovate TODAY.

Build & Renovate TODAY focuses on all aspects of the residential build, from design to new products.

Build & Renovate TODAY is designed to help people move through the process of building a new home, or renovating their existing property indoors and out.

As a nation that has a number of DIY’s, Build & Renovate TODAY informs its readers, about the continued changes surrounding consents and the changing laws.

Build & Renovate TODAY has a number of viewpoints from local experts.

The gloss magazine offers quality, informative editorial, along with a range of comprehensive options available to new builds and renovations.

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