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Art Deco

In 1925, Art Deco burst onto the scene at the Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes in Paris, marking its dazzling debut. This style celebrated the fusion of modern technology and design, embracing everything new, exotic, glamorous, and dramatic.

Art Deco's design language was characterised by bold, fluid, and symmetrical shapes, patterns, and themes, symbolising the advancements in various industries, from transportation to architecture, that were reshaping the world. Its signature features included geometric precision, clean lines, and angular forms, resulting in a strong and uncluttered aesthetic without excessive ornamentation or romantic flourishes. Art Deco-style furniture, for instance, avoided intricate mouldings and carvings in favour of sleek simplicity, a surprising departure for a style so closely associated with glamour.

The colour palette of the Art Deco era was both striking and bold, often accenting colours with high-shine elements like silver, chrome, or black. A typical Art Deco space was incomplete without a touch of metallic brilliance—be it a marble-topped coffee table framed in elegant gold, a pendant light fixture made of cascading glass orbs suspended from a gleaming chrome ring, or a drinks cabinet that showcased lustrous mother-of-pearl with opulent gold accents. In the world of Art Deco, these metallic glints added the finishing touches, elevating the ambiance to one of unmistakable allure and sophistication.

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