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The charm of Barbie-inspired decor has captivated us since the doll's debut in the late 1950s. With her iconic hot-pink flair and unapologetically feminine identity, she has seamlessly influenced both home and fashion trends.

This movement draws inspiration from Barbie’s unique style, her idealised way of life, and her undeniably classic and ageless allure. This trend embodies playfulness, vivacity, and sometimes even a touch of romance and softness, all of which seamlessly translate into home design.

Barbie's vibrant style and spirited demeanour exude a sense of familiarity and enchantment. Yet, incorporating the Barbiecore aesthetic doesn't mean covering your home entirely in hot pink. Beyond the surface, Barbiecore revolves around a fondness for everything pink, but it extends beyond the colour itself. It pays homage to the delightful, whimsical textures of the Dreamhouse. It encompasses plastic, plushness, and luxury, all while staying accessible.

There are numerous ways to infuse your home with the Barbiecore trend without feeling overwhelmed. Rather than investing in big and expensive items like vibrant couches or daring chairs, we recommend starting with small decorative elements such as candles or vases that subtly nod to the trend. Remember, your Barbie Dreamhouse should reflect your unique vision, allowing your creativity to flourish. Similar to Barbie's effortless transformation into a surfer, doctor, or pilot, your home decor can take versatile forms. Ultimately, at its core, the trend revolves around embracing boldness, confidence, and fun.

Photo by Kate Rose Morgan
Instagram: kate_rose_morgan

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