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Designing the home gym of your dreams

Author: Jamie Quinn
You’re excited, you’re committed, you’re ready… but you have no idea where to start! Whether you’re an avid fitness junkie or looking to slowly ease into your health journey, it can be difficult to know where to begin when setting up your home gym.

It’s important to think aesthetics as well as functionality when it comes to designing a home gym. You wouldn’t want to spend a whole lot of time in a room that was cold and dingy, but a well-lit, warm room will encourage productivity. A space that looks and feels inviting will do wonderous things for your motivation and ensure you’re using the space regularly.

Plan Your Gym Space

Unless you’re lucky enough to have a dedicated full-size gym, most of us have to make our existing spaces work for this purpose. This most likely means converting the spare bedroom or garage into something practical. Consider your available space and how you will make it work for you, particularly how much equipment will safely fit while still allowing you enough room to move around freely.

Say Yes To Wall Colour

Adding a lick of paint or a wallpapered feature wall is the easiest way to change up a room. Something to think about when choosing a colour is the impact it has on your mood. The experts say yellow is a mood booster, while pale blues mellow us out. A question to ask yourself is, how do I need this space to serve me? If your focus is yoga and meditation, you’ll want a relaxing colour, whereas an energising colour will work best if you plan on doing high-intensity workouts.

keep your home gym organised min

Keep Your Home Gym Organised

A gym can be dangerous if not kept well organised and tidy. Avoid accidents by having dedicated homes for all your equipment and accessories. Consider building in shelving or racks for your free weights if you have the freedom to do so, or shop around to find the best storage option to keep your equipment from becoming a trip hazard.

function comes first min

Function Comes First

The ultimate goal of any design project is to utilise the space. To achieve a practical home gym, make sure anything in your space has more than one purpose. It’s hard to justify sacrificing precious floor space for a single function machine that you can only use for one exercise. Instead, go for versatile strength equipment that can be adjusted for a variety of goals.

Music and Entertainment In Your Gym

The right music is a huge motivation for movement. Playing your favourite music is important to encourage you to push through your workout. Whether you install a full sound system or use a portable speaker, think about what tunes will get you the most energised. Alternatively, set up a TV

in your gym. This is a great option if you’re planning to follow online classes or workout videos. A wall mounted TV is also great for those who need a bit of distraction during those rough cardio sessions.

visual learning min

Visual Learning

You probably already know that all gyms have at least one wall of mirrors. This does serve a purpose other than flexing! Working out in front of a mirror is the best way to watch your form, allowing you to correct and encourage safe movements. Mirrors also make a room feel bigger and brighter, which is perfect for a makeshift gym.

decorate your gym safely min

Decorate Your Gym Safely

Decorate your home gym with enthusiasm, but keep it practical. Make the space inviting and aesthetically pleasing, but keep safety at the forefront of any design. Consider a great lighting fixture and some inspiring artwork to create an atmosphere to match your goals. Think carefully about whether you want a tranquil space or a room to energise, as your décor will set the tone for your workout. It is worth adding a few personal touches to create a space that will serve you. Maybe you want motivational messages on the walls or air-purifying house plants; whatever you choose, it should enhance motivation.

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