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When done well you cannot tell the difference between an existing home that has been renovated and a newly built home – unless of course the homeowner intended it to be known within.

Extensive refurbishment tends to prompt bigger functional requirements and it is essential this potential scope is recognised and strategically dealt with early in the process by a well-briefed and well-resourced project team.

Avery Associates Team Architects, the Auckland-based practice of Team Architects, is best known for its expert undertaking of alterations and additions to residential and commercial properties throughout New Zealand.

Its consortium of studios across the country have the scale, expertise and resources to deliver across a range of unique and complex project types, as well as the local knowledge and trusted networks to benefit even the smallest projects.

“Scale and complexity is probably the trigger that encourages, if not necessitates, the use of an architect as distinct from other designers,” says Avery Associates Team Architects Limited director, Kerry Avery.

If doing major renovations, clients will likely need a good site topography survey plan. It is also recommended a full measure of the site is undertaken and a digital model prepared, to which the new design-work can be fully integrated.

Ensuring that alterations and additions fit the desired character of a home’s heritage or location is easier said than done – one can’t just demolish a chimney or put up a large street-front fence.

Herein lies the advantage of having an architect who is well experienced with the renovation process.

“Design strategies need attention to ensure the client’s needs are satisfied while meeting the requirements of the district planning rules,” Kerry says.

The need to fully understand and manage the design process within council’s planning constraints is essential.”

Modern lifestyles are drawn to open-plan living, often with the focus centered around a kitchen island bench, a flow between living and dining and ease of access to the outdoors.

Then there are the many layers on top of this that activate clients’ interest – sustainability, warmth, ergonomic optimisation, smart-enabled services, low maintenance factors, the list goes on.

“We listen and are responsive to our client’s request. With that in mind our designs take their cue from the existing house – they accentuate the positive and obliterate the negative in line with the client’s vision.”

Available in today’s market is an almost unlimited abundance of material finishes, building systems and product services at varying price points. Building standards are forever increasing as they are reinterpreted for compliance, and cost estimation and control is more important than ever.

“We work closely with a specialist quantity surveyor cost consultant and bring experienced builders into the design process so the best options for construction can be assessed and relative values and likely cost understood,” Kerry says.

“We also get great satisfaction from recycling or up-cycling building materials and elements and reducing construction waste.

“Every day we work to provide spaces that are exciting, memorable, functional and enduring. Our vision is to ensure that every built environment we create delights and meets the needs of its users.”

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