Getting ready to entertain

Preparing your home for the resumption of festivities

As our world gradually returns to normal following the Coronavirus pandemic and its associated lockdowns, isolation and social distancing, it’s as good a time as any to start thinking about entertaining at home… because we can and many of us will have missed social interaction.

However, if you’re not feeling quite prepared for getting family and friends together, here are some simple tips to get your place where it needs to be.

Make a list, check it twice

Make sure you have two checklists; one for the tasks you need to do and a second for the corresponding equipment. One way to organise things is by breaking up the lists into inside and outside jobs to easily divide your time over a few weekends.

Freshen up

Get those windows and doors open and the fresh air flowing. Being shut up tight can lead to pollen and dust lying dormant. So welcome as much fresh air and light in as you can.

Mould, be gone!

If it has been particularly rainy in your area recently, there is a chance of mould build-up. Check everywhere you can for mould growth, especially areas that don’t get much sunlight, behind the bed and drawers can often be hotspots for mould.

Use a pressure washer to blast away any grime or mould. Moss and mould can also be an issue on outdoor stairs and pavement which can become slippery. Hire a pressure washer to blast away the grime and return your paved and concreted areas to their former glory.

Dream of steam

Using a steam cleaner is an incredibly efficient method of removing dust stuck deep inside the carpet, as well as stale odours. A steam cleaner is far superior to a traditional vacuum cleaner, keeping the home cleaner for longer.

Don’t pardon the garden

Get rid of any dead branches and other build-up on your garden bed and lawn; this will encourage new growth. Another good trick is to aerate the lawn with a lawn corer, which will keep water from building up under the top growth, keeping your lawn looking green and in pristine condition.

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