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Home Office Ideas for Smaller Spaces

Not everyone has the luxury of a spare room or a vast space that can be converted into a work-from-home haven. But don’t stress, we’ve crafted some home office ideas that turn even the tiniest corner into a functional workstation.

Apply Paint, a Mural or Wallpaper to Zone your Home Office.

Paints, murals, or wallpapers are an effective way to create a separate space for your home office, especially if it’s connected to your living room. Painting or putting wallpaper in your home office can help define the workspace and separate it from the rest of your home. This visual distinction can signal to your brain that it's time to focus and work.

Go with a Monochrome Design.

Design your workstation at home with a colour scheme that will make your room look crisp and professional. Using one colour palette is a perfect way to add a visually calming effect and make the room look larger than it actually is. 

Embrace Minimalism

For small spaces, every square inch counts. Make the most of your space by keeping furniture items and decorations to a minimum to avoid cluttering the area. Minimalism also brings more room for you to move and breathe and makes your space feel larger and more open. 

Maximise Vertical Space.

Expanding your home office setup upwards can be an effective strategy for enhancing space efficiency and creating a more organised work environment. You can install wall-mounted shelves above your desks or along empty walls and overhead cabinets to create a streamlined and organised workspace at home. 

Use Furniture with Storage.

Clutter can make a small room feel chaotic and overwhelming. If it’s not possible to install a furniture item such as cabinetry or a bookcase in your space, consider using office desks with built-in storage and drawers in which to keep your laptop or conceal all of your office supplies, pencils, and other must-haves. 

Install Curtains

Curtains provide privacy and separation from the other parts of your home. This enables you to minimise distractions and emphasise your dedicated environment for work, even in homes with open-plan layouts. If you are working near a window, curtains can help cut direct sunlight during peak sun times. This prevents eye strain, headaches, and other discomforts due to excessive lighting.

Use Standing Desks.

Standing desks tend to have a smaller footprint compared to traditional ones. This makes them suitable for homes where space is limited. A standing desk's compact design allows it to fit into tight corners or against walls without taking up much floor space.

Add Houseplants

Plants are known to be natural air purifiers. Adding them to small enclosed spaces like home workstations can help improve indoor air quality, making the environment healthier and more pleasant to work in. Houseplants also make the space feel more inviting and alive. Incorporating greenery can soften the look of the space and add visual aesthetics to your home office. 

Go for Foldables.

When not in use, folding office chairs and tables can be easily collapsed to a manageable size and neatly tucked away, opening up your small working area. These foldables make any room seem spacious, bright, and breathable. Not only do folding furniture items take up a small amount of space, they are also designed to be light and easy to move to different parts of the room.

Consider Kitchens and Dining Rooms as the New Working Hub.

If you have a wall in your kitchen or dining room that’s not being used, consider installing a fold-down desk or putting up a corner table and a chair. Just make sure to choose furniture that fits the kitchen space properly.

Embrace the Cloffice Trend.

If you don’t have room for a traditional office desk, a cloffice might be the right home office idea for you! A cloffice, as the name suggests, is a closet or any other similar space in your home that has been converted into an office. The whole point of a cloffice is that it allows you to use the space that you already have without adding another room to your home. This can be a real lifesaver for families with busy homes where every space is utilised or those living in apartments.

Additionally, a closet turned into an office offers some much-needed balance between your work life and personal life. With a cloffice setup, you shut the door after your working day in the most literal way and enjoy a sip of your favourite coffee without any unwanted reminders. 

Building an office out of your simple nook can be surprisingly easy. You just need to have a bit of creativity with the type of space that you have and look for small office design ideas that work for you.

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