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How To Create A DIY Photo Gallery Wall

Author: Jamie Quinn
Creating a DIY photo gallery wall in your home can be a rewarding and personal project. It's a great way to showcase your favourite memories, express your personal style, and add warmth and character to your space.

Choose Your Photos

The first step in creating a photo gallery wall is choosing the images you want to display. This could be a mix of old and new photos, or you could choose a theme like "photos from our last vacation" or "photos of the kids". You will need to consider the size and aspect ratio of your photos when choosing them.

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Select Your Frames

Once you've chosen your photos, it's time to select the frames. This is where you can really personalise your gallery wall. You could opt for matching frames or mix it up with different sizes, colours, and styles. Think about the overall aesthetic you want to achieve in your space when choosing your frames. You might want to choose frames that match your existing decor or use frames as an opportunity to introduce a new colour scheme.

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Plan Your Layout

Before you start hanging, it's important to plan your layout. This could be a grid, a collage, or a more organic arrangement. You can use painter's tape to mark out the frames on your wall to help you visualise the layout. This step is crucial as it helps you see how the gallery wall will look in real life before you start hanging anything. Planning your layout in advance can also help you avoid any mistakes once you start hanging your frames.

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Hang Your Frames

Once you're happy with your layout, it's time to start hanging your frames. Use a level and ruler to ensure they're straight and evenly spaced. If you're using different frame sizes, you must adjust the spacing accordingly. It's also a good idea to hang your frames in the order they'll appear on the wall to make sure everything lines up correctly. This also helps your wall look balanced and well-composed.

diy photo gallery wall 3

Add Extra Décor

While a gallery wall of photos can be stunning, you might want to add some extra decor elements to enhance it. This could be string lights, garlands, wall decals, or even a piece of artwork. These extra touches can help to make your gallery wall unique and personal. They can also add depth and dimension to your gallery wall, making it even more visually interesting.

diy photo gallery wall 4

Consider Rotating Your Photos

One of the best things about a DIY photo gallery wall is that it's entirely customisable. You can change out photos, frames, and decor as often as you like to keep it fresh and exciting. It’s a fun change to rotate your photos seasonally or whenever you have new images to display. This will ensure that your gallery wall always stays current and reflects your current interests and mood.

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