Top Kitchen Splashback Trends for Your Home
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Top Kitchen Splashback Trends for Your Home

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A kitchen splashback is an essential part of any modern kitchen. Installed on the wall between the countertops and the upper cabinets, its primary purpose is to protect the wall from splashes, spills, and stains that occur during cooking.

However, a splashback also presents an excellent opportunity to add personality and style to your kitchen.

Benefits of Installing a Kitchen Splashback

The Benefits of Installing a Kitchen Splashback

A kitchen splashback offers a range of benefits. In addition to protecting your walls from damage, it also simplifies clean-up after cooking. Most splashback materials are easy to wipe clean, meaning fewer worries about stubborn grease stains or food splatters. A well-chosen splashback can also enhance the overall aesthetic of your kitchen, adding colour, texture, and interest.

Different Materials for Kitchen Splashbacks

Different Materials for Kitchen Splashbacks

Glass: Glass splashbacks are a popular choice due to their sleek and modern look. As well as being easy to clean and heat resistant, they can be customised to any colour. For a modern, bold look, consider a brightly coloured glass that complements your kitchen's colour scheme, or go for a contrasting colour for a more striking effect.

Tile: Tile splashbacks offer a classic look and a high level of customisation. Available in a huge range of colours, sizes, and patterns, tiles can be arranged in various designs, allowing for a complete unique splashback. They are also typically more affordable than glass or stainless steel.

Brick: If you're looking to create a warm, rustic feel in your kitchen, a brick splashback is an excellent choice. While real brick can be difficult to install and maintain, brick veneer or brick-look tiles are easier to work with and can achieve the same cozy effect. Pair it with wooden countertops or open shelves for a rustic look.

Stainless-Steel: Stainless steel splashbacks are favoured for their industrial, modern aesthetic. They are extremely durable, heat resistant, and easy to clean, making them a practical choice for busy kitchens.

How to Choose the Right Splashback for Your Kitchen

How to Choose the Right Splashback for Your Kitchen

Choosing the right splashback involves considering your kitchen's style, your budget, and your lifestyle. If you have a modern kitchen and a larger budget, a custom-coloured glass splashback might be ideal. For those seeking a budget-friendly option that offers lots of design possibilities, tiles could be the answer. If you're after a sleek, industrial look, stainless steel is a great choice.

Installation and Maintenance Tips for Kitchen Splashbacks

Installation and Maintenance Tips for Kitchen Splashbacks

Installing a kitchen splashback typically involves measuring the area, preparing the wall, applying adhesive, and placing the splashback material. It's a job that can be DIY-ed with the right tools and some patience, but professional installation is recommended for best results.

Maintenance for kitchen splashbacks depends on the material. Glass and stainless-steel splashbacks can be easily cleaned with a soft cloth and a gentle cleaner. Tile splashbacks may require a bit more effort to clean the grout lines, and a sealant should be applied to the grout yearly to prevent staining.

Remember, your kitchen splashback can be both functional and beautiful. Take the time to choose the right material and style that suits your kitchen and lifestyle. Happy renovating!

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