Modern retro interiors
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Modern retro interiors

Interior design trends come and go so quickly, it’s hard to keep up sometimes. The Retro Revival look is here to offer a classic, down-to-earth alternative to that speedy "fast homeware" frenzy.

Vintage decorating is making a comeback, and while some people are all about what's fresh and trendy, those embracing the Retro Revival are after a more laid-back lifestyle that values original pieces and their nostalgia.

The Retro Revival trend is a blend of the hottest 2023 trends mixed with the charm of yesteryears. Think mid-century modern and postmodern vibes, from the '50s through the '80s. Each of these eras brings its unique furniture style, decor flair, patterns, and colour schemes to the table.

What sets Retro Revival apart from classics like mid-century modern is its love for warm, rich colours, smooth lines, textures galore, and vintage accents. It's not about those traditional muted tones with the occasional burst of boldness, minimal ornamentation, and clean lines. To nail that retro look, you've got to blend it tastefully, so it doesn't turn into a clashing, over-the-top space.

Picture earthy tones like greens, yellows, along with terracotta’s, burnt oranges, and reds to cozy things up. And to give your Retro palette a touch of sophistication, toss in some creams and beiges. Don't forget the abstract shapes – they're a must in this style. Retro designers were all about quirky, sculptural furniture made from various touchy-feely materials. To keep things warm and cozy, use fabrics like crushed velvet and boucle. Get playful with textures, and voila, you've got yourself a one-of-a-kind, super personal Retro Revival look.

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