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Simon Lewis Wards

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Based in Auckland, New Zealand, sculptor Simon Lewis Wards specialises in ceramics and cast glass. Some might know him for his playful interpretations of iconic Kiwi confectionary.

With a focus on capturing the essence of childlike wonder, Wards’ creations play into the realms of nostalgic and pop culture, often incorporating size manipulation to enhance the visual impact.

As an artist, his transition in to sculpting and mould making was second nature. The idea for Wards’ first sculpture came from the glass itself, noticing how much the raw material looked like a glistening jube lolly. He handcrafted a collection of twelve glass jet planes and an accompanying ceramic paper bag, and has since explored this theme further with an array of iconic Kiwiana treats.

Simon Lewis Wards exhibits his work in select galleries in New Zealand, you can view and purchase his art direct from his website www.simonlewiswards.shop.

Instagram @simonlewiswards

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