The enduring appeal of neutrals
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The enduring appeal of neutrals

Author: fatweb
Few things beat the quiet beauty of a calming room. Not only do muted tones offer visual relaxation and timeless sophistication, but they also remain eternally ‘on trend’.

Living rooms, in particular serve as the ideal canvas to master the art of a neutral colour scheme through elegant furnishings, plush carpets, and effortless accessories. However, while the “quiet luxury” trend is gaining momentum and the allure of the “vanilla girl” aesthetic finds its place on platforms like Tik Tok, it’s important to note that an all-neutral look can risk appearing bland or, even worse, just plain boring.

The secret to avoiding monotony lies in embracing luxe materials and artistic shapes. Working with subdued tones gives you the freedom to play with diverse textures and materials. A blank canvas provides the opportunity to become exploratory with accessories, bringing bursts of happiness throughout the space.

With a neutral foundation, you can introduce subtle splashes of colour to adapt to each changing season. To add warmth and a sense of coziness to the space, try layering ivory hued textiles with leathers, natural stone and vintage wooden elements. There’s not need to confine yourself to standard white or cream. The upcoming year will introduce a version of ‘new neutrals’ that allow base colours like shade of pink, taupe, and sage to subtly shine through.

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