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The fifth wall

If you're into bold patterns and vibrant colours, don't overlook ceilings as a way to add some excitement and personal flair to your room. Statement ceilings are becoming a hot trend.

Designing a statement ceiling sets the tone for your space. Going for something unique like this isn't just about showing off your style, but also about proving you're up for taking risks and thinking creatively. Whether you're into easy-to-apply 3D vinyl stickers, clean stripes, or intricate hand-painted murals, there are a wealth of creative design options to explore.

A common worry that stops many from giving this trend a chance is the fear that a bold ceiling will darken the room or make it feel top-heavy. But that's not necessarily true. In fact, a statement ceiling can have the opposite effect, creating an interesting dynamic. But if you're still concerned and want to try the trend, go for lighter colours and patterns that keep things bright and open while still drawing the eye upward.

Getting started with a statement ceiling is easiest with paint. For a subtle look, choose a shade slightly lighter than your wall colour. This keeps everything connected and gives your room a smooth feel. If you're all about making a big statement, pick a contrasting colour that really pops and makes the ceiling a focal point. Just be sure to bring in some decor that echoes the new ceiling colour to tie everything together.

If you're feeling bold and want to fully commit to a statement ceiling, consider patterned wallpaper. Keep in mind the size of the print – ceilings display patterns differently than walls since they're seen from a different angle. And since ceilings are viewed from farther away, make sure the print you choose looks great from a distance too.

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