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Tiny Homes in Aotearoa

Tiny homes are a great option financially and environmentally. The modern and unique designs stand out, it’s fast and efficient to build, there’s less waste in the building process, fewer materials, more flexibility, reduced energy use, and it makes it easier for homeowners to maintain and clean.
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Where Aesthetic Meets Function in Aotearoa

A tiny home company in Aotearoa that stands out from the rest is Shaye’s Tiny Homes for their beautiful, practical and modern designs and high-quality, cozy tiny homes.

Shaye Boddington's Journey to Affordable Housing

Shaye’s Tiny Homes began in 2013 when the founder Shaye Boddington needed to find a place to stay. She says she had to think outside the box regarding how she was going to be able to afford accommodation because housing is less affordable in Auckland.

Shaye had recently completed a design degree and always had an interest in alternative housing. Before she knew it, her very first do-it-yourself tiny house was established as she had the skills and support to go ahead with the tiny house project.

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The Story of Lucy, the First Tiny Home

She designed and built her first tiny home called Lucy. Her ex-partner and she bought some land and wanted an affordable and sustainable home for them and their daughter, so they preferred the tiny home concept.

It started as a one-off passion project that turned into a career.

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Teamwork and Craftsmanship at Shaye's Tiny Homes

The business has successfully grown over time and Shaye works closely with her builder Dylan along with 20 other team members.

Together they utilize Shaye’s experienced design knowledge and the team of builders and support team’s skill set to design and build 25-30 tiny homes annually.

The Philosophy that Fuels Shaye’s Dream

In terms of what inspires Shaye to continue running her business, it would have to be, “The belief that everyone deserves to live a passionate life and that this is much easier to do when living without financial struggle in a safe and comfortable home - even if that means a small home.”

Shaye hopes that by getting people into their own tiny homes they will be able to go out into their communities and work with purpose and passion, she says.

Design Inspiration and Nationwide Availability

Shaye is also inspired by simply stunning things and really loves beautiful small spaces. She thinks it’s great that tiny homes can be shipped nationwide.

Often her tiny homes provide to clients in the North Island, and their licensed partners Wanaka Tiny House Factory and Nelson Tiny House Factory can build tiny homes for clients wanting her designs in the South Island.

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9. Lara Expo's comfortable looking bedroom

The Growing Popularity of Tiny Living

When Shaye experienced living in her first tiny home, not many people knew of the idea or comprehended what it was about.

During the last decade, tiny homes have become borderline conventional and more people these days know someone who lives in a tiny home.

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2. Jasmine's lounge area

Continuous Growth and Learning at Shaye's Tiny Homes

“The whole team gets great satisfaction from finishing a project and seeing it come together – there’s often something to learn from a completed home and usually something small to improve on but we see this as a good thing because we continually get better and better."

For more tiny homes inspiration visit: shayestinyhomes.com.

10. Lara Expo's child's bedroom upstairs

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