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Take A Closer Look At The 2023 Tiny House Awards Winner

Author: Jamie Quinn
In an era where cost-effectiveness and sustainability are key, this build is designed with these principles at its core.

Energy-efficient features like LED lighting, well-insulated walls, and high-performance windows reduce energy consumption and promote a comfortable living environment while keeping utility bills low.

Liveability in the Tiny House Award winner
Tiny House Awards Winner - Exterior

Liveability in the Tiny House Award winner

The design is not just functional; it's also designed for long-term liveability. They’ve included generous bathroom and kitchen spaces, along with ample storage features in the bedroom and scullery. These design elements ensure comfort, functionality, and versatility, making the dwelling a perfect choice for long-term living.

The open-plan kitchen and lounge provide an instant sense of liveability from the moment you enter. The kitchen is spacious, featuring modern appliances, a separate pull-out waste bin, and a 2.8m long breakfast bar that can be used as a dining area. The scullery serves as a pantry, a place to store kitchen appliances, and a dedicated area for cleaning supplies and laundry.

Luxurious and generous bathroom design

Luxurious and generous bathroom design

The bathroom is equally impressive, designed with a focus on both style and practicality. It offers a generous shower which provides a luxurious experience with the rain head and shower niche. The large wall-hung vanity offers ample storage for toiletries and personal items. This space is complimented by both natural light and a stylish LED mirror, illuminating the space creating a bright and inviting atmosphere.

The quality of workmanship in this tiny home is truly impressive. From the initial construction process to the finishing touches, every aspect of this exquisite tiny home exemplifies an impeccable standard of craftsmanship. The attention to detail is evident in every corner, from the precision of the faux tiles to the flawless installation of fixtures and fittings. The finishing lines of the interior are seamless, creating an ambience of sophistication and elegance that is second to none.

Functionality and flow in a tiny house
Tiny House Awards Winner

Functionality and flow in a tiny house

The functionality and flow of the floorplan prioritise privacy, separation, and seamless integration. By placing the sleeping and bathroom amenities at one end of the dwelling, a clear distinction is created between the private and public areas. This arrangement promotes relaxation and privacy within the bedroom while allowing for social interaction and entertainment in the living and kitchen areas.

The inclusion of a discreet laundry area within the scullery enhances the overall functionality of the floor plan, maximizing the use of space without sacrificing the aesthetic appeal.

The modern masculine design of this build is visually striking and adds a distinct wow factor to the overall aesthetic. Our design choices have created a sophisticated, contemporary, and stylish atmosphere. The bold feature walls and use of stone bench tops, brass hardware, faux tiles and incorporation of black bathroom fixtures, contribute to the luxurious feel of the design.

The carefully chosen colours, sleek lines, contrasting textures, and strategic lighting to create a visually appealing living space. The harmonious blend of these elements results in a bold and sophisticated aesthetic that is sure to impress and captivate residents and visitors alike.

Design by Compac Homes

Photos via Tiny House Awards

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