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Trend Watch: Biophilic Design

Author: fatweb
The word biophilia originates from the Greek, translated to mean a love of living things. Biophilic design is embracing the approach of bringing the outside, in.

The trend is booming among designers and plant lovers alike, who are enjoying the opportunity to blur the line between landscaping and interior design.

The goal of biophilic living is to enhance well-being, health and productivity by creating a visually relaxing environment with a direct link to nature. The idea encourages our human instinct to create a sense of harmony and connect with nature. One of the most obvious benefits of a space abundant with plants is improved air quality; Live plants use carbon dioxide to produce oxygen. Studies have also shown that direct access to nature can reduce feelings of stress and calm the body’s sympathetic nervous system.

How can you embrace the trend in your space? A biophilic inspired space can be achieved by introducing nature inside. Add elements that mimic nature such as wood, leather and use organic tones in your colour scheme; Try a sage green feature wall or nature themed wallpaper. Highlight outside views by keeping your windows free of obstruction and take advantage of natural light. Prioritise plants as your main décor element, this is the easiest way to introduce the biophilic lifestyle to your space; Start with low-maintenance plants if you are a plant novice.

Whether you plan to create an entire living wall of plants, line your staircase with greenery or simply incorporate more natural textures and colours to your space, the biophilic lifestyle is an achievable and easy way to reconnect with nature.

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